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What Convictions Keep You From Being a Security Guard?

What Convictions Keep You From Being a Security Guard?


Security guards serve to guard and protect, much like a police officer. According to dictionary.com, a security guard is a uniformed officer whose duties are to protect people and buildings. Like a lot of other jobs, background checks are usually conducted while obtaining your license or becoming employed. Certain charges will keep you from being able to be a security guard.

License to Work/Nature of job

Background Check

In the United States, most states require a security guard to be licensed, according to Vital Ethics, a company that provides online basic and advanced life support continuing education programs. Additionally, background checks may be done at time of employment. Certain convictions will definitely keep you from becoming a security officer. It also depends a lot on the nature of the job. If you’ll be working in something like crowd control, you’re less likely to have a background check run on you versus working in a hospital where you would more likely have to undergo a background check. Some employers may see less serious crimes as a risk, while others won’t see those as a risk.


Court Room

Vital Ethics also states that if you have a conviction for violent crimes such as assault, rape and murder or if you have been convicted of fraud or arson, you won’t get your license or be hired anywhere as a security guard. Basically, any felony can keep you from getting your license or becoming employed, especially if you’re going to be an armed security guard.


Handcuffed Person

Misdemeanors, however, aren’t always looked into. Employers have the right to determine what they want when screening applicants. Some employers view less-serious and nonviolent crimes as serious. It’s up to the employers whether they will hire someone with a misdemeanor or not. A background check is not the only thing companies do. Some subject applicants to drug tests.

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