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#1 Concert Security Guard Services​

Every year concerts around the country go off without significant security issues. It’s when something goes catastrophically wrong, that we suddenly hear about it in the news media. There can be fights, riots, and even worse. But just because an event took place, and there was no media coverage reporting some unlawful activity, doesn’t necessarily mean that everything went off “without a hitch.”

In most every instance when a large public gathering takes place, there are security issues. The reason we don’t hear about them, however, is because professional security personnel is on hand to ensure that small problems don’t escalate out of control. But increasingly this is a job that requires greater degrees of training and expertise.

The most recent illustration of this growing need for professional security is the concert shooting that was part of the 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris. In that attack at Le Bataclan, 89 people died. And even in venues as small as nightclubs, as we saw in the Orlando shootings of 2016, there are still significant security risks at every turn. Since then, concert security has become a major issue worldwide. It has also become a major concern for promoters and concertgoers alike.

Concert & Event Security Guard Patrol Services

How Nationwide Security Guards can help you:

At Nationwide Security Guards, we understand the importance of providing a safe and secure environment for holding your concert or special event. Our expert security consultants have years of experience and current training in the most efficient techniques of crowd management and venue security.

Our commitment to providing the very highest level of concert security begins with our strategic planning and coordination. We work in close collaboration with concert promoters and venues to give coverage of all aspects of the event. From gate attendants to traffic control, to crowd management, our goal is to ensure that your concert runs smoothly and without incident.

Sometimes an “issue free” event isn’t a possible, however. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances can arise. It’s on those occasions that you’ll feel the most gratified for choosing Nationwide Security Guard. Our security personnel is all specially trained for the particular job to which they’re assigned. Their expertise and knowledge allow them to diffuse situations swiftly and efficiently before significant escalation can occur.

It’s not all just about concertgoers getting out of hand, or criminal elements attempting to disrupt an event, though. Often concerts can be physically taxing on people, either due to conditions of extreme weather, crowding, dehydration, or intoxicating substances. Our professionals are equipped to deal with these situations as well. All Nationwide Security Guard security personnel are certified and receive ongoing training in CPR/AED and First Aid.

When it comes to concert security, no one can match the comprehensive solutions and services offered by Nationwide Security Guards. Every guard that we send to your venue is a certified crowd manager, and will lead an experienced management team of certified law enforcement officers. Why take chances with less reputable firms? Contact Nationwide Security Guard today and find out how you can get your concert security to the next level.