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#1 High-Risk Employee Termination Services

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Every day businesses deal with the task of firing employees because of unsatisfactory performance or subordination. With increased access to firearms, it is essential that you have an employee termination checklist that incorporates security precautions. We here at Nationwide Security Guard Service can help you to terminate your high-risk employees without any incident. The need for employee termination assistance continues to grow, it is crucial that businesses contract a high-risk termination team with the necessary expertise to control employee and workplace violence.

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employee being terminated jumping across conference table to attack another employee

How Nationwide Security Guards Employee Termination Security Can Help You:

Workplace violence and active shooter scenarios are on the rise in the United States, therefore terminating an employee has become a daunting task. The acts of one disgruntled employee can directly impact employee spirit and productivity. As companies try and preserve a safe environment, there is always a chance of retaliation from a recently fired or terminated employee.
With Nationwide Security Guards on site, you don’t have to let a disgruntled employee disrupt your whole work environment.  By hiring Nationwide Security Guards, this situation can be preventable as well as all workplace violence.  Our specially trained team of workplace security experts can protect your employees and your business.
Nationwide Security Guards can assist you with all of the following situations:
  • High-Risk Employee Escorts
  • Workplace Investigations
  • Employee Termination Checklist
  • Active Shooter Training and Response
  • De-Escalation Techniques