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#1 Hospital Security Guard Services

When considering the safety and security of your doctors, nurses, patients, and adequately, top-notice protection is of the utmost importance. When you utilize the services of Nationwide Security Guards, it’s our number one priority. Our security consultants are highly trained and provide you with the protection you need while maintaining a courteous manner and professional demeanor. We understand how important that is in the patient care industry.

Hospital Security Needs

Each industry has an array of unique security requirements. When you contact us at Nationwide Security Guards, we’ll get to know the specific safety needs of the hospital to ensure that every last detail is covered, every corridor and patient room checked and secured at all times. Our hospital security professionals have a vast amount of experience working in several industries, and fully understand that every industry has unique particulars that require the development of a customized security plan and strategy.

Hospital security requires a sharp eye and even a more intelligent mind. Entry doors that emit patients, private patient rooms, and even supply closets may become the target of unauthorized personnel. While the protection and respect of the staff and patients are always a top priority, hospital security also demands that we identify suspicious behaviors and details when they occur. Our well-trained, professional security guards, many of whom are former military or law enforcement have the proper training to assess risk, behavior, people, and more to provide you, your staff and your patients with the peace of mind necessary to handle important tasks.

How Nationwide Security Guards Hospital Security Service can Help You

Staff members and patients will feel more at ease, when they see our security guards, because the presence of these individuals lets them know that when they’re on the premises, their valuables and their persons are in safe and capable hands. While hospital security guards may not always be in plain sight, such as when they’re actively patrolling the hospital property, they are always going to be nearby and ready to respond if a security issue were to arise.

Our hospital security personnel can protect your staff and patients from some potential risks, including arguments in the patient waiting areas, individuals in unauthorized locations, health concerns, and even property theft. Due to the high-level of knowledge and training, our security staff has, they know how to act orderly and quickly in any situation that may arise.

In every situation, our security consultants from Nationwide Security Guards at in a manner that’s both professional and cordial, which makes them an invaluable presence for your hospital property, the staff, and patients.

For Your Staff

Hospital staff, the doctors, nurses and other essential personnel are a top priority for our security services. Whether it’s to provide protection for the staff in an emergency situation, or to protect them from some unwanted behavior, our security team knows when the services are required and how to manage any situation that may arise. In the best situations, when you retain our services for long-term, the hospital security guards we send to your location will become part of the team, doing what’s right and necessary to ensure the staff is protected and secure at all times.

For Your Property

Hospital grounds require just as much protection as the people inside. While there’s always the potential for property damage, hospitals are also vulnerable to individuals wandering into unauthorized areas where they may be in danger or cause trouble for someone else. Sectors that are for staff only, such as break areas and medical supply closets, are particularly susceptible to intrusion and potential theft. Our security consultants are available 24/7 to ensure your hospital property remains protected.

For Your Patients

When patients arrive at a hospital, they expect to receive the best possible care and remain safe while being treated. Our security staff will help safeguard private patient rooms and ensure no unauthorized personnel disrupts their treatment or healing process. Our security guards are discreet, but present, ensuring that if some security issue does arise, there’s someone to make sense of the situation and prevent it from escalating further.

Hospitals have to put security as a top priority. Hiring the private security consultants at Nationwide Security Guards will ensure the property, staff, and patients are safe and secure at all times. It will also minimize the potential of safety issues arising down the road.

You can’t settle for an unproven security service, as the services they offer may not be able to provide the protection that is needed. Nationwide Security Guards security consultants are correctly trained and able to handle common and uncommon protection issues that may arise in a hospital setting, providing peace of mind for those working at or seeking treatment from the facility.

Here are a few frightening statistics that should paint the picture for you:

  • Over 50% of hospital security are now armed
  • The number of armed guards in hospitals has more than quadrupled in the last decade
  • Violent crime incidents in hospitals have quadrupled in that same time period
  • More than 10,500 acts of violence have been committed against hospital employees in the last few years alone
  • Many hospitals are hiring armed guards part time, such as overworked off duty police officers
  • Many security guards guarding healthcare facilities are not properly trained in regards to weaponry

Healthcare institutions must be safe zones for the patients that need care and the employees, nurses and doctors that supply that care. Unfortunately there are many in the world today who respect nothing, and will just as soon bring violence to a hospital as anywhere else. That is why so many hospitals now employ armed security and armed guards to protect both patients and staff.

If you are a hospital administrator or are responsible for the security of a health care facility and you see the need to hire armed guards to protect your facility and the people that depend on it, make sure you do some homework before hiring a security firm to handle the job. You want experienced armed security guards that understand the nuances of protecting a healthcare facility, which involves tact and understanding.

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