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#1 Hotel Security Guard Services

Safety of your guests, staff, and property are the utmost importance and at Nationwide Security Guards, it is our top priority. We train all of our security guards to provide the protection you require and always with a professional and courteous approach that is expected in the hospitality field.

The Hospitality Industry

All industries have their own specific needs when it comes to matters of security. At Nationwide Security Guards, we will go over all of the specific security concerns you may have to ensure that every detail is covered, and every corner and corridor is checked and secured. We hire the most experienced security professionals that have worked in many industries and understand that each industry has its own particulars that require a customized approach.

Hotel Security Services

How Nationwide Security Guards Can Help

Guests feel at ease when they see security guards because the sight of these personnel lets the guests know that when they are on the premises, their persons and their valuables are in safe hands. Although the hotel security guards might not always be in plain sight, such as when they are patrolling the property, they are always nearby, ready to respond when a security situation arises.

Security service personnel protect your guests from a number of risks, including unwelcome visitors, altercations in the rooms, property theft, and even health issues in the event that someone with First-Aid / CPR training is needed. Due to their high level of training and knowledge, our security consultants know how to act quickly and effectively in any given situation.

In all situations, the security consultants at Nationwide Security Guards act in a manner that is cordial and professional, making them an invaluable presence for your hotel and for your guests.

For Your Staff

Hotel staff are another priority when it comes to our security services. Whether it is to protect the staff in an emergency situation, or to protect them from unwanted behavior, our security consultants know just when their services are required and how to manage any situation. In the best situations, for long-term services, the hospital security guards we send to your hotel become part of the family, doing what is necessary to protect the staff.

For Your Property

Hotel properties also require protection just as much as people. In addition to the risk of property damage, hotels are vulnerable to intrusion by people who are not guests because it is easy for people to walk in the door and into areas where they are not supposed to be. Areas that are open to staff, such as to on-site kitchens or storage rooms, are especially susceptible to intrusion and possible theft. Our security consultants are available 24/7 for the protection of your hotel property, and all and any who are on it.


Event Staffing services as well as crowd management, post event trash pick-up. If you find yourself needing the most comprehensive security professionals around, contact us.