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Construction Site Security Services

Construction Site Security Services

Would you leave a new car, unattended, on an empty street corner after dark, overnight, and on holidays, and weekends? Probably not. But expensive equipment and materials are routinely left at construction sites at these times because it is necessary to get work done quickly. Parking heavy equipment in a garage each night is just not workable.

Nationwide Security Guards will make certain that your site is protected at all times by providing construction site security guards to keep watch on your project. An investment in construction security service is money well spent, when compared to the possibility of theft of materials or damage to materials or equipment by unhappy people or those looking to steal something – or a natural disaster. A project under construction is vulnerable to many things.

In light of current national events, it is even possible that your site could be affected by the overflow from a mass demonstration of some kind, simply by being near the route of an organized protest that turns into chaos when some people get angry.

Live Security is a Sound Investment

Construction security guards on site provide an important element of protection simply by manning their posts on a regular visible basis. Daytime duties of a construction security guard involve controlling the access of visitors and vehicles to the site, and maintaining a log of those visitors and vehicles, including any deliveries to the site. While the trades are doing the building, a construction security guard is controlling the traffic.

Construction security guards escort in the visitors who are supposed to visit, and prevent idle tourists from strolling in. This reduces the opportunity for daytime theft or the accidental injury of a trespasser.

The dark of night expands the opportunities for theft or damage on site when tradesmen are off duty and there are fewer eyes to see what happens. Thunderstorms and other natural disasters can also wreak havoc at night. This is when the use of construction security guards is particularly important, because a live person on site, listening, watching, and checking for problems is the best form of protection.

Just as parents don’t leave small children in the care of security cameras, important projects (anything that costs money) deserve to have live caretakers, too.

Security Helps Keep a Construction Site a Smooth-Running Operation

A construction project is often a place where a number of important projects may be going on at once. The ability of the construction security guard to manage traffic, escort visitors and sense the difference between normal and abnormal activity helps keep the site active and progressing.

Time spent having deliveries stalled, replacing stolen or damaged items, and other on-site disruption is not time well spent. Investment in construction security is money well spent.

An Ounce of Prevention…

Steel toe work boots or shoes are an important and basic element for many construction site workers, because they protect feet from unseen dangers inherent to a work site. Pipes fall, bolts fly, nails bend.

In the same way, an on-site construction security guard is an integral part of a project. Security guards help keep unanticipated problems from tripping up a construction project, by being the eyes and ears of the project managers, preventing small problems from becoming big issues and watching out for the overall project site. When construction halts it costs everybody money, so anything that can prevent a problem is worthwhile.

Just as a good foundation is the basis for a good, sound building, a plan that includes protection for the growing project is an essential element of the plan. Nationwide Security Guards are an important element for that ultimate success, so give us a call to include our security on your team.