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Police Officers Everywhere are Quitting

Police Officers Everywhere are Quitting


Officers everywhere are turning in their badges and guns.  This whole “abolish the police agenda” might actually come true.

Cops across the country from Minnesota to California to Florida are quitting their jobs or taking an early retirement.  At least 7 Minneapolis Police Department officers have quit their job and half a dozen others are in the process of making their way out.  10 Swat Team Officers in Florida are also quitting because they say that they have not been given the proper equipment to protect themselves and they do not have the right backing.

With an increased risk to their safety they are saying it is no longer worth it to be a police officer.  57 Buffalo, New York officers have quit after a video surfaced of one of the officers pushing an elderly man down.  Most of these officers are telling the media that they feel as though they are stuck between a “rock and a hard place” with a battle they did not start.

With this said Security Guards are more needed than ever to keep your business and employees safe.  Watch the video for more information.

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