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A party isn’t a party until you can have fun without worrying about security.  Staffing for large crowds is our expertise.  Offering uniformed event staff and ushers. Nationwide Security Guard offers event staff, ushers, crowd management services, post trash pick up, valet services and priority transport.  We are licensed and insured.

How Nationwide Security Guards can help you:

So you’re throwing a big private party or private event and it is shaping up to be the party of the century.  You’ve thought of everything, snacks, entertainment, a nice wet bar, but have you handled security issues?  Have you considered the safety and security of your guests, the people working the party, or even your property or the venue where you will be holding this humongous event?

It’s great to think that everything will come off as planned, but somehow it never does, and when many people get together to relax and celebrate, all types of things can go wrong or get out of hand.  That is why event staff and private party security can be so important.  From utilizing cameras and CATV surveillance to monitor areas where problems can occur to live patrols to simply a physical presence that by nature deters problems, private party security can be the difference between an epic failure and an epic success.

Nationwide Security Guard offers event staffing solutions and commercial security services nationwide.

It doesn’t matter what type of party or event you are organizing.  A sweet sixteen party can need security or security guards if the guest list is long enough.  A VIP bachelor party, even one that is moving from nightclub to nightclub, can benefit from security keeping rowdy guests from finding or starting trouble.

Here is a list of various events that could benefit from the presence of skilled crowd management and private party security:

  • VIP Parties
  • Yacht Parties
  • Pub Crawls
  • High End Office Parties
  • Bus Parties & Tours
  • Reunions
  • Golf & Poker Tournament Parties
  • Charity Parties
  • Wedding Receptions
  • Bachelor Parties

Whatever your event may be, don’t skip the most important part, the private party security. The safety and welfare of your guests, the protection of property and the protection of those working at the party are the most important aspect of any gathering. Private party security must be competent and experienced, knowing how to maintain crowd control without damping or ruining the festivities.

If you are organizing any type of private event or private party in the New England area contact Nationwide Security Guards at 855-373-1133 today! Nationwide Security Guards specializes in private party security. Their experienced security guards will protect and preserve while blending into the background so that your guests are safe and secure while they have the best of times.